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UberMike: First unwanted sleep, but otherwise great

October 23, 2007

I really enjoy these four-hour days. I want a four-hour watch; I’d actually wear a watch if I could get one of these.

However, here is one issue I did not expect: my feet are filthy. I walk around barefoot on a dusty floor all day, then I climb into bed six times. This means that the bottom part of my bed, where my feet go, is six times more dirty than normal. I am unsure what to do except obsessive vacuuming.

Sometimes I lay in bed using my laptop. The secret: always put the laptop back on the desk, across the room, before you sleep. That way you need to get out of bed to get it after you awake. Anything that gets you out of bed is great.

Here’s the 24 hour breakdown:

2:30AM (24 hours ago)
Awake and quickly out of bed! Felt as if I were filled with rest and ready to take on the world. This lasted until 4:15AM.
Slightly tired, with droopy eyelids and bloodshot eyes. Unable to type well, at least at first.
Completely sore, as if I had just used every muscle in my body to its breaking point. I walk very slowly and deliberately. In one word: tired.
More awake again! This lasted until 4:30PM, and by 5PM I was hardly able to stay conscious.
Slightly dizzy, but managed to release some code and blog about your desire to employ me.
Even more awake, though cold. This lasted until 1AM, at which point I was tired again.
Immediately fell asleep, then awoke at 3AM. Then I seem to remember putting my laptop on the floor next to my bed with the intent of getting out of bed. Next thing I knew it was 6:30AM. I checked my laptop; I was in the middle of downloading a file and partway through reading an email.
Slept reasonably. I hope the unrequired sleep during the prior phase isn’t detrimental overall.