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UberMike: Doctor says “cut it out!”

November 3, 2007

So I saw a doctor or three after passing out like that. After blood work and a CAT scan my doctor’s conclusion was “cut it out!”

So I’m not doing the uberman again.

However, I am considering sleeping for 90 minutes every six hours. That’s six hour of sleep daily! Plus it will give me five-and-a-half hour “days” during which I can be totally awake.


UberMike: Quitting indefinitely

October 24, 2007

Last night I developed a sharp pain across the back of my skull. It grew worse, then unbearable.

I started feeling nauseous, as if I were to vomit, so I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, staring at my too-pale face, trying to compose myself.

Then I felt pain. That’s it, just pain—that’s all that registered. I was on the bathroom floor, propped against the tub. The bottom of my chin hurt. A lot. It still hurts right now, six hours later. I must have hit it on the way to the floor.

So I crawled onto the couch and closed my eyes; I felt better. I crawled to my computer, changed my away message to something appropriate, then made my way to bed and slept for six hours. I awoke with just the pain in my chin.

I don’t know what caused this, but this never happened when I ate better and slept monophasically. I can’t afford to eat better right now, so I’m going back to mono/bi-phasic.

I’m going to miss you, uberman.

UberMike: Good news: all

October 24, 2007

Since my last blog post each sleep has occurred without fanfare or problems. Some are easier to awake from than others, but I’ve had no problems yet.

The next 12 hours might be the problem.

Update: I have developed extremely sharp pains across my skull, especially toward the back left. I cannot figure out how to trigger them, but sometimes pain shoots across my head. I haven’t had a headache since I quit caffeine three years ago. This is slightly concerning but extremely aggravating.

UberMike: First unwanted sleep, but otherwise great

October 23, 2007

I really enjoy these four-hour days. I want a four-hour watch; I’d actually wear a watch if I could get one of these.

However, here is one issue I did not expect: my feet are filthy. I walk around barefoot on a dusty floor all day, then I climb into bed six times. This means that the bottom part of my bed, where my feet go, is six times more dirty than normal. I am unsure what to do except obsessive vacuuming.

Sometimes I lay in bed using my laptop. The secret: always put the laptop back on the desk, across the room, before you sleep. That way you need to get out of bed to get it after you awake. Anything that gets you out of bed is great.

Here’s the 24 hour breakdown:

2:30AM (24 hours ago)
Awake and quickly out of bed! Felt as if I were filled with rest and ready to take on the world. This lasted until 4:15AM.
Slightly tired, with droopy eyelids and bloodshot eyes. Unable to type well, at least at first.
Completely sore, as if I had just used every muscle in my body to its breaking point. I walk very slowly and deliberately. In one word: tired.
More awake again! This lasted until 4:30PM, and by 5PM I was hardly able to stay conscious.
Slightly dizzy, but managed to release some code and blog about your desire to employ me.
Even more awake, though cold. This lasted until 1AM, at which point I was tired again.
Immediately fell asleep, then awoke at 3AM. Then I seem to remember putting my laptop on the floor next to my bed with the intent of getting out of bed. Next thing I knew it was 6:30AM. I checked my laptop; I was in the middle of downloading a file and partway through reading an email.
Slept reasonably. I hope the unrequired sleep during the prior phase isn’t detrimental overall.

UberMike: This is a triumph

October 22, 2007

I did it! I did the 60 hours without oversleeping!

However, I have no idea if I just overslept. I might have subconsciously manipulated the timer—when I awoke it had a minute left on it but was 11:30PM. I’m too disoriented to know if it really was 11:30PM or whether I went to sleep on time. I’m going to assume that I didn’t oversleep.

Currently I feel good. I’m in bed, because I was too cold out of bed, but I’m listening to dance music to keep awake. I might go outside to look at the Red Sox riots too.

Having extra hours is great: I finished watching all the Casters’ videos. The string diagram ones were especially illuminating.

Anyway, in summary:

That was a nice and refreshing sleep! It was chilly out of bed but I got right up anyway. The music definitely helps keep me awake; if I start to drift I can just focus on it.
I started to grow tired around 9:45AM. My fingertips tingled at 10:15AM.
Timing! Sarah signed online at 10:20AM, giving me five minutes to talk with her before saying “back in 30 minutes!” So it goes.
This was the 60 hours of non-oversleep, completed. Hurrah! I had functioned well overnight; this taste of adjustment filled me with a desire for more uberman.
I felt sleepy around 2:15PM.
More tired than I was earlier, and I’m very disoriented. I took a walk to buy some bananas; this helped immensely.
The disorientation is still there, as is some light-headedness. Became tired around 9:30PM.
No idea who, what, where, or why I am. Two hours later I’ve figured out the who, what, and where (for the most part). Unable to type properly; freezing despite layers; rocking back and forth.
After maybe 10 minutes of shivering and rocking I put my dance-music-blasting headphones on, climbed into bed, and have since become only more awake. As of 1AM, I’m awake!

UberMike: Continued good progress

October 21, 2007

I’m writing this during my second-worst phase: 3AM to 6:30AM. Right now, I’m feeling good and mostly awake. Here’s a re-cap:

2:30AM (a day ago)
I’m unsure whether I, once up, nodded off again. I like to think that I didn’t, but the time did pass more quickly than I expected, and I am feeling rather awake as of 6AM.
The wireless that I am stealing seems to have died. I’m unsure whether this is to do with their router or with my wireless settings. Regardless, I am without Internet. Also, just before I lost Internet, 4Chan went down. There goes my brainless, late-night, keep-me-awake entertainment.
I suspect that I’ve nodded off a few times; while watching the clock on my laptop I’ve noticed that it sometimes skips whole minutes, sometimes as large as five minutes. I blame the computer for now, since I don’t feel as if I’m nodding off.
Nothing of note; I don’t remember this, but think it went fine. Amusingly enough, I said this in the prior post, too.
Totally, absolutely awake and functioning. Must be the daylight.
It just occurred to me that the Sun provides a different type of light than these incandescent bulbs. I wonder if I can replicate the Sun in here for cheap, without going blind/setting the world afire.
I was at a bar/grill during this: fortunately I had a corner booth seat; unfortunately the people around me were talking about me, and this kept me up. I shut my eyes for 10 minutes regardless.
After the bar I went to Dicky’s, where I attempted a full 30 minutes around 8PM. His place is loud, so again I just closed my eyes. Despite the lack of proper sleep, I felt rather awake-ish.
Again at Dicky’s; again unable to properly sleep. I might have slept for five or ten minutes.
Slept at Dicky’s; wide awake now!

I spent some time today trying to figure out how to entertain myself when my Internet connection goes down. I’ve concluded that I need a soundtrack that will prevent me from sleeping. This is what I’m working on now-ish.

Other things that Web sites suggested to stay awake, all of which suck or do not apply to me: caffeine, resting well beforehand, caffeine, oh and caffeine.

UberMike: 24 hours: check

October 20, 2007

Just completed 24 hours without oversleeping. Some highlights:

Maybe 5 or 10 minutes of sleep, awoke cold and with a headache.
Felt like 5 minutes, could be longer; awoke: dizzy, colder, with a headache, and with sore joints.
No recollection of this.
This was almost interrupted by Chessie, but she let me sleep instead—how nice! Close to 20 minutes of sleep left me feeling awake—or was that the daylight?
Disoriented, but rested. Here’s what I wrote down:

Why was the alarm going off? Where was everyone? How did everyone leave with the door locked? Where am I?

Must have been a damn good dream.

Chilly, but I slept at 10:30PM for a change. That’s nice.

I’m also able to stay in bed, awake, on my laptop. This is convenient, since my floor is cold.

UberMike: Uberman, take 2

October 19, 2007

I just awoke at 11PM, after going to sleep at 9PM or so. I’m starting my uberman back up.

Currently, I’m tired. Maybe I should start while I’m awake? Doesn’t matter, I’m just going to be fucking exhausted anyway.

My goal is 60 hours (15 microdays; 2.5 days) without oversleeping. That’s October 21st, 11AM. I can totally do this.

(Oh, and to explain EveryMike’s absence: he’s been failing lately and is too embarrassed to admit this in a blog post.)

UberMike: Monophasic sucks

October 17, 2007

Now that I’ve tasted the freedom that is uberman, anything less is no good.

I slept for 12 hours overnight. That’s half a day! Four times more than my uberman! And I awoke with a sore neck, still kinda tired, after having three dreams.

What a waste. I resume uberman tomorrow.

UberMike: Biphasic sleep, day one

October 16, 2007

The frustration at my inability to awake at 3AM and 7AM—combined with the stress of recent unemployment and the illness I seem to have—has finally gotten to me. So I slept in, guilt-free. And I going to sleep whenever I feel like it, however I feel like it, until I am ready to go polyphasic again.

So far I’ve noticed that the monophasic/biphasic day is really long. My favorite part of the uberman was the 3.5 hour days; now I’ve been up for eight hours!

My real plan is to start the uberman again in two days.