UberMike: This is a triumph


I did it! I did the 60 hours without oversleeping!

However, I have no idea if I just overslept. I might have subconsciously manipulated the timer—when I awoke it had a minute left on it but was 11:30PM. I’m too disoriented to know if it really was 11:30PM or whether I went to sleep on time. I’m going to assume that I didn’t oversleep.

Currently I feel good. I’m in bed, because I was too cold out of bed, but I’m listening to dance music to keep awake. I might go outside to look at the Red Sox riots too.

Having extra hours is great: I finished watching all the Casters’ videos. The string diagram ones were especially illuminating.

Anyway, in summary:

That was a nice and refreshing sleep! It was chilly out of bed but I got right up anyway. The music definitely helps keep me awake; if I start to drift I can just focus on it.
I started to grow tired around 9:45AM. My fingertips tingled at 10:15AM.
Timing! Sarah signed online at 10:20AM, giving me five minutes to talk with her before saying “back in 30 minutes!” So it goes.
This was the 60 hours of non-oversleep, completed. Hurrah! I had functioned well overnight; this taste of adjustment filled me with a desire for more uberman.
I felt sleepy around 2:15PM.
More tired than I was earlier, and I’m very disoriented. I took a walk to buy some bananas; this helped immensely.
The disorientation is still there, as is some light-headedness. Became tired around 9:30PM.
No idea who, what, where, or why I am. Two hours later I’ve figured out the who, what, and where (for the most part). Unable to type properly; freezing despite layers; rocking back and forth.
After maybe 10 minutes of shivering and rocking I put my dance-music-blasting headphones on, climbed into bed, and have since become only more awake. As of 1AM, I’m awake!

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