UberMike: Continued good progress


I’m writing this during my second-worst phase: 3AM to 6:30AM. Right now, I’m feeling good and mostly awake. Here’s a re-cap:

2:30AM (a day ago)
I’m unsure whether I, once up, nodded off again. I like to think that I didn’t, but the time did pass more quickly than I expected, and I am feeling rather awake as of 6AM.
The wireless that I am stealing seems to have died. I’m unsure whether this is to do with their router or with my wireless settings. Regardless, I am without Internet. Also, just before I lost Internet, 4Chan went down. There goes my brainless, late-night, keep-me-awake entertainment.
I suspect that I’ve nodded off a few times; while watching the clock on my laptop I’ve noticed that it sometimes skips whole minutes, sometimes as large as five minutes. I blame the computer for now, since I don’t feel as if I’m nodding off.
Nothing of note; I don’t remember this, but think it went fine. Amusingly enough, I said this in the prior post, too.
Totally, absolutely awake and functioning. Must be the daylight.
It just occurred to me that the Sun provides a different type of light than these incandescent bulbs. I wonder if I can replicate the Sun in here for cheap, without going blind/setting the world afire.
I was at a bar/grill during this: fortunately I had a corner booth seat; unfortunately the people around me were talking about me, and this kept me up. I shut my eyes for 10 minutes regardless.
After the bar I went to Dicky’s, where I attempted a full 30 minutes around 8PM. His place is loud, so again I just closed my eyes. Despite the lack of proper sleep, I felt rather awake-ish.
Again at Dicky’s; again unable to properly sleep. I might have slept for five or ten minutes.
Slept at Dicky’s; wide awake now!

I spent some time today trying to figure out how to entertain myself when my Internet connection goes down. I’ve concluded that I need a soundtrack that will prevent me from sleeping. This is what I’m working on now-ish.

Other things that Web sites suggested to stay awake, all of which suck or do not apply to me: caffeine, resting well beforehand, caffeine, oh and caffeine.


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