UberMike: 24 hours: check


Just completed 24 hours without oversleeping. Some highlights:

Maybe 5 or 10 minutes of sleep, awoke cold and with a headache.
Felt like 5 minutes, could be longer; awoke: dizzy, colder, with a headache, and with sore joints.
No recollection of this.
This was almost interrupted by Chessie, but she let me sleep instead—how nice! Close to 20 minutes of sleep left me feeling awake—or was that the daylight?
Disoriented, but rested. Here’s what I wrote down:

Why was the alarm going off? Where was everyone? How did everyone leave with the door locked? Where am I?

Must have been a damn good dream.

Chilly, but I slept at 10:30PM for a change. That’s nice.

I’m also able to stay in bed, awake, on my laptop. This is convenient, since my floor is cold.


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